Mindful Living: What is your Drama?

Simply put, the sanskrit term, dharma means righteous living. It is the inner wisdom or comic guidance that governs not only our individual self, but the universe itself. 

So one might think to follow ones dharma, you just need to follow your inner guidance. Sounds easy, right? Not...

It's hard to hear your inner voice when you got so many other voices vying for attention. These voices include voices of the mind, voices of others, voices of beliefs and expectations, voices from ingrained cultural or generational teachings. 

How do we get past all of the voices and discover our dharma? 

Here are five steps that you can take to find your dharma or path. Although you can integrate one or all of the steps, this isn't about success as it is about harmony. Harmony with your thoughts, your actions, your words...you. When we consciously make each step, you will start to notice all things starting to come together. 

1. Happiness

We will start with any easy one. What makes you feel excited, alive, awake? Is it writing? Travel? Teaching? Wherever you have happiness, that where lies your life purpose. Your soul speaks from your emotions, so listen to them. Find what fills you with happiness and your purpose will find you. 

2. Coincidences

When we experience coincidences, synchronicity, the he universe is telling us we are on the right path. Look at them as guiding lights helping you along the way. These are signs are just letting you know, you are moving the right direction. 

3. Letting Go

This one is essential. Basically, the more you clutter your life with things, people, routines and events that no longer serve you, the less space you have for all the things that really do serve you for your higher purpose. Try and consciously make a choice everyday, to let go of something that no longer supports your lifestyle, so you open up, receive andrealign with your purpose. 

4. Asana (Physical) Practice 

It is important to develop this as a ritual in your schedule. Your physical practice is not only to maintain a healthy body, but to open our consciousness as we coexist with the universe. It doesn't even have to be yoga. It's anything else that you are drawn to - singing, writing, playing an instrument. And let's not forget, seated meditation. This is always a good thing to incorporate in your lifestyle. It provides you with calmness and focus, as you try to settle all things in a more balanced way. 

5. Being 

It's funny that when we have an opportunity to just be still, we end up doing things that don't really matter or contribute to finding our purpose. Instead we idly watch television, flipflop between our Facebook and Instagram accounts or play games on our phones. 

How about starting to fill up those "don't matter" moments with more "being" in your life? Go for a hike, go to the beach for the day, write in your journal. This will allow you to align with the cycles of nature, the energy of the universe and the center of your Self - your Being. 

When we strive to use our talents to it's highest potential and honour our purpose, we are part of the whole who will create a more conscious universe.