Yoga - The New Science Behind Meditation

In almost all cultures, meditation has been practiced for thousands of years, long before we could scientifically measure both the impact and benefits that it offers when practiced reguarly. Most persons who meditate experience a variety of benefits; mentally, physically and spiritually or a combination of all. But it's also satisfying to keep updated by the newest research, and a great way to stay motivated to keep up with a regular practice. 

Possibly the most impressive benefits of meditation are the slowing down of the aging process and prevention of disease. There is evidence that meditation affects our genetic makeup by helping in the fight against the development of disease and the aging process in the body. Although more research is being done, the important thing is that a link has been established. 

On a spiritual level, disconnecting our five senses (see, touch, hear, taste and feel) from the outside world allows us to connect to a pure and open mind...our inner self. By disconnecting, you are able to stop receiving the over abundance of information that we receive on a daily basis which can manifest negatively in the physical body. Physically, almost every part of body starts to calm and relax including your heart beat, blood pressure and nervous system. The more balanced we are, the better able we are to fight off disease. 

Mindful meditation (usually practiced with the eyes open) also helps persons who suffer from chronic pain, one of the biggest health issues affecting people in the world. With the number of persons suffering from pain expected to increase, mindfulness meditation is a method that can be used to help those who experience persistent pain.   

By learning to adjust how information comes to you through the senses, it is received in a more controlled and calm manner. We bring significany fulfillment in our actions by being fully present and connected in that moment. 

We feel totally aligned within the mind, body and soul can better able to address body pain.  By focusing the mind and going to the center of your pain, we can connect with full awareness. When we are fully aware, is when the healing can begin.

Meditation can also make you smarter! Studies has shown where meditation can help the brain perform at its best and improve sequence learning, facilitate earlier development of emotional regulation in children, slow cognitive aging in adults, reduce sleepiness or fatigue and improve focus. 

With mind receiving a significant amount of information every day, it can be difficult to process all of it. With mediatation, your brain is more connected to the senses and process information in a more calm and relaxed way. The brain is better at both making decisions, prefoming daily tasks and absorbing new information.  

In a nutshell, science confirms the experience of millions of practitioners; meditation will keep you healthy, help prevent multiple diseases, make you happier, and improve your performance in basically any task.

How to experience most of these benefits ? Practice, practice, practice.