Inspiration: Working The Soil

When we focus on only what we see and shows up (similiar to judging a book by it's cover), what lies underneath becomes less and less unfruitful over time. It's time to dig deep down and bring up what is underneath and discover what we forget we had, as well as seeing where growth and understanding is needed. 

Like a tree in your garden,  are you feeling tied by your roots by stubbornness, attachments or rigidity. Have you allowed for the energy of creativity and inspiration in your life? How is your spiritual health? Does your life feel confined and restricted? We may be in a place of transition, not quite sure if things are going in the right direction or even moving at all. 

In working the soil of our garden, when the earth beneath is neglected becoming dry and hard, there is no room for the roots to grow. The plant is unable to continue growing and less than likely to bear juicy fruit. Work through the soil as you move forward, prepare your own 'field' for a season of planting new seeds of old familiar dreams into freshly fertilized and upgraded soil. 

But, how fertile is the soil you are growing in your garden? Your life? Your relationships? Your projects? Discover what you are missing and what you wish you had more of. Maybe its time to change things up a bit, plant something new, maybe expand the landscape of your life. This analyis allows for you to discover new passions or rediscover old talents.  You may wonder why you didn't follow through on some of those those dreams. This is the stuff under the ground that needs to be turned up! 

Fertility can be a space where creative ideas and intentions are set, grown and manifested. But, for something to be fertile, it must be fertilized.  Fertiize your garden with focus, inspiration,  enthusiasm, faith and consistency.  Redicover what your truly want and what you are talented for. Be courageous and take a risk. There is a thin line between what is so and what can be. 

Dream it. Believe it. Acheive it.