Private & Semi-Private (Group) 

With private yoga and wellness classes, we will focus on your goals and personalize your classes based on health, body type and lifestyle – all on your time. Classes are designed to meet your needs. Private sessions are great for the new student whom might be intimidated by the public classes. Private sessions will help the newbie to integrate into public classes.

Experienced students benefit as well. You are able to have a deeper insight into specific postures or categories of postures that interest you including yoga philosophy, meditation and breathing techniques. 

CHAIR - is a general term for practices that modify yoga poses so that they can be done while seated in a chair. These modifications make yoga accessible to people who cannot stand or lack the mobility to move easily from standing to seated to supine positions. This is accessible for seniors, persons recovering from an injury or suffer chronic pain and lack mobility. 


PRE/POST NATAL  – Pre-natal private classes are designed and sequenced to promote mothers-to-be in any stage of their pregnancy and prepare for childbirth. Our natal classes extend to include new moms who want to gradually ease back into a regular practice. Increase endurance, strength and flexibility in a safe and supportive way and to achieve a calm and tranquil state of mind. Both classes include many common poses with emphasis on hip openers for moms-to-be and core strengthening for new moms. No yoga experience needed. (Group classes are limited to 3 persons) 


THERAPEUTIC FUSION – This class balances the body in a satisfying, well-rounded practice that includes therapeutic/structural yoga techniques, pilates, both active and restorative poses and breath work tailored for your individual needs. Therapeutic Fusion, personal instruction, adapts our broad-spectrum yoga method to suit the needs of students with movement limitations, those who are recovering from injury or suffer from chronic pain, seniors, and new beginners. Relieve discomfort, increase range of motion, improve muscle balance and attain a harmonious state of being.

Pricing varies on private and semi-private sessions. Each session is tailored to your needs.  For price menu on these sessions visit…