1. Students are requested to be in class, on their mats, and prepared to practice 5-minutes before start time. This will help ensure that classes start on time and make it such that you are relaxed and ready.

  2. You must respect silence within the practice room before and after class. Once you enter the practice room or space, you are expected to be silent and refrain from chatting with others. The practice space is used to center oneself, meditate, and escape the chaos of daily life. Use the time, to prepare for your class by doing some stretches, meditation or a take a resting pose until class is about to start.

  3. Please remove your shoes and socks before entering the space that you are practicing on and always before you get on your mat. If there is no place to leave your shoes outside of the practice room, you may walk into the room and leave your shoes at the back of the room.

  4. No technology (cell phone, iPad, laptop etc) is allowed in the practice rooms/spaces. Throughout the rest of the facility, we ask that your phone be kept on vibrate or silent to maintain a peaceful environment for all clients.

  5. Please leave all bags and extra items (besides your mat, towel, and water) outside of the practice room or off the practice floor.

  6. Be mindful, recognizing that someone may have allergies or sensitivities. Try and skip the perfume or strong scents until after class

  7. You are taking a “guided” class, so please follow the instructor. If you need to take a break in a class, take a resting pose until you are ready to join the flow of the class.

  8. Please respect your fellow students and instructors in all classes by being on time. Traditionally, instructors do not permit latecomers as it disrupts the flow of the class and the other students

  9. Have to leave class early and miss the final pose? That’s the best part, final relaxation and meditation! If you really have to go, please let your instructor before class starts and stay near the exit or at the back of the class to avoid disturbing others when you exit.

  10. Remember, we are all in this together. Be mindful of others and most importantly, HAVE FUN!